Swissvax Swissvax is a uniquely handcrafted car care system made in Switzerland and designed to be the finest product line of automotive cosmetic maintenance in the world. Since 1930, the Anwander family has been creating magnificent Carnauba wax formulations. The Swissvax system comprises two major components: a cleaning pre-wax oil which prepares and nourishes the surface, followed by the wax formulation of your choice. The essential oils found in Swissvax waxes including avocado, passion fruit and orange produce a wonderfully aromatic fragrance, combined with high volumes of pure Brazilian carnauba, the world's purest, hardest and most transparent natural wax. These exclusive formulas are very easy to apply, leaving no white residue or wax build-up. There are, quite simply, no compromises when it comes to Swissvax's pursuit of the ultimate wax and car care system. No wonder Swissvax is OEM to Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Spyker Cars, Lamborghini and Bugatti. We invite you to see for yourself what delighted enthusiasts and collectors all over the world are discovering about Swissvax.