Detailer Commercial Pricing Program

From detailing chemicals and accessories to quality tools & equipment, our prices just got even better for detailing professionals!

Since 2009, detailers and auto reconditioning businesses have trusted us to get them everything they need for their detailing business at the very best prices. This year, we are happy to roll out a new program that goes even further. Substantiate that you’re a detailing trade professional and we’ll show you the very best prices available on our vast product line.

What is “Detailer Commercial Pricing”?

Detailer commercial pricing is much lower than our published online/catalog pricing. Because you are running a detailing or reconditioning business, we will give you a significant price break in order to help you operate your business for less. We want to encourage you to make most of your purchases from us and ask you to make at least $1,500 in purchases annually to remain a member of the Detailer Commercial Pricing Program.

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, your business will immediately start enjoying the discounts of the one star pricing level. Once your purchases for the year exceeds $3,000, you will eligible to receive discounts for the next tier up (see chart below).

What you need to know

  • We respectfully ask that you substantiate that you’re a detailing trade professional. That’s why we require that you provide documentation with this application. Only qualified trade professionals can enjoy “Detailer Commercial Pricing”.
  • There are 3 pricing tiers, from 1-star to 3-star. Your tier is determined annually based on your year-to-date purchases (excluding sales tax and/or shipping). If at any time an order will qualify you for the next tier up, you will be eligible to receive the better discount on that order.
  • The pricing tier you attain will carry-over into the following year. Annual Purchases will be accumulated from Jan 1 - Dec 31.
  • We expect your business to purchase a minimum of $1,500 annually to continue receiving special commercial pricing.
  • In addition to our pricing programs, we offer many volume discounts. In substantial quantities, some items may have an even larger discount than tiered pricing. You will automatically receive the best price. However, discounts cannot be combined.
  • Sales or specials cannot be combined with Detailer Commercial Pricing (Special offers, free shipping, freight allowances, promotional coupons, buy x get y free, etc). You may take advantage of these specials by using a separate retail account, but will not receive an additional commercial discount.
  • Tier One is $1,500+ annually in purchases. Tier Two is $3,000+ annually in purchases. Tier Three is $6,000+ annually in purchases.
  • Purchases made prior to enrollment in our Detailer Commercial Pricing program count towards your Year-To- Date purchase totals. However, retroactive discounts will not be applied to these purchases. You may hold a standing order until you’re approved, so as to take advantage of the discount. We cannot give you the discount until you’re approved.
  • Discount percentages shown in this application are not contractual but are shown strictly as examples. Each item’s retail & discounted tier prices are calculated individually, depending on actual cost, availability, freight-in and other market conditions.
  • Detailer Commercial Pricing is subject to change or be discontinued at any time and without notice. Pricing is directly based on our own cost when we purchase the product.
  • Because prices are subject to change without notice, we do not provide Commercial Pricing members price lists, but once your application has been approved, your account will be set up on our website and you may view your own tier’s prices and discounts on our web site at Simply log in using your e-mail and the password you choose.

Apply Today:

Commerical Pricing Application (PDF)

For questions about our Detailer Commercial Pricing Program, products, shipping, prices, or to order, call us toll-free 1-800-380-5773.