Leatherique Prestine Clean - 16 oz.

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Leatherique Prestine Clean - 16 oz.

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Leatherique Prestine Clean - 16 oz.
Leatherique Prestine Clean is absolutely the best cleaner available. Does not contain any harsh chemicals to dry and destroy fine leathers. Contains a conditioner that cleans and conditions vinyl, even rubber trim pieces! Use to clean leather after application of Rejuvenator Oil has done its job or as a maintenance cleaner and detailer.


For best results use Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean as a two part system

Step 1

Vacuum the surface of the upholstered piece or interior well or use a soft brush to remove large particles of dirt, paying particular attention to seams, folds and cracks.

Step 2

Apply Rejuvenator liberally (about 2-4 oz. per seat) with your hands; massaging the Rejuvenator well into all the surfaces and natural folds of the leather, this puts natural ingredients, no harsh cleaners, back into the leather and and forces out the dirt. You may also use a soft sea sponge, or a soft paint type brush. Also apply the Rejuvenator liberally nearer the stitched areas as the conditioner will be able to migrate laterally well into the hide. Park the car in the sun with the windows rolled up to create a "Steam room" for as long as practical, several hours or a day. (Allow the Rejuvenator to be absorbed into the fibrous side of the leather before putting the top down on a convertible). 

Step 3

After the ph correct proteins and collagens from the Rejuvenator have permeated back into the pours and fibers of the leather, strengthening and nourishing them. The surface may be tacky, sticky, gritty or have a white haze. This is simply the dirt, grime, air pollution, perspiration, salts and other toxins that have floated out of the leather to the surface. 

Apply Prestine Clean by putting a small amount on a soft cloth then gently clean the surface. For tough dirt or vinyl or vinyl tops, brush the cleaner into the grain of the leather or vinyl with a soft bath brush or toothbrush. Let stand for a few minutes and wipe off with a soft clean dry towel. Once everything has been removed buff off with a new clean dry towel. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Item# WPC16
UPC 0617237340719
Availability Online + In Store
Brand Leatherique
Volume 16 oz

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