Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

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Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

Item#: MEG-G18211 G18211

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Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

Ultimate Wax is Meguiar's longest lasting protection with amplified reflectivity. Meguiar’s Thin Film technology makes application and wipe-off effortless, even in full sun! Meguiar’s proprietary Hydrophobic Polymer Technology reduces surface tension so water beads & rolls right off! New synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that accurately reflects & amplifies light for incredible depth & mirror-like shine.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Item# G18211
UPC 0070382005368
Availability Online + In Store
Brand Meguiar's
Units Per Case (Bulk/Case Orders) 4
Volume 11 oz

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Customer Reviews

How to turn a vehicle into a 'mirror'.
Review by Monty Totten

I was looking for something to put on as a first coat after a paint job that included sufficient clear coating to produce that 'under glass' look. I've always been a fan of utilizing technology to its fullest. I have also been a fan of and used many 'professional' Meguiar’s products through the years.

I wanted to use something special to lay down a good foundation that would seal the 'ZR' bright white paint on my car. I was running out of day light and only had a Wal-Mart close by to make my purchase. I noticed this Meguiar's product, Ultimate Paste Wax (actually a polymer which I like a lot) for $21.00. It came with a foam applicator and a microfiber towel for polymer removal and polishing.

I have never used a product that went on as easily as Ultimate Paste Wax. The coat was thin but completely covered, leaving no areas that needed an additional coat. It dried to a glaze quickly, and came off as easy as it went on. The last polymer I used required at least two coats to get full coverage and did not produce the reflection or depth of this polymer. As I said, this was the first coat after a paint job . The car looked good before this application. It looks completely unbelievable now. The entire car looks like a mirror, to include the plastic bumper covers and the fiberglass hood.

Obviously the one towel supplied will not be enough to do an entire car. You’ll need about three two foot square microfiber towels to do a two door compact (I was working on a two door convertible 97 Cobra Mustang). This stuff comes in liquid too which would be the way to go if you want to apply it with an electric or pneumatic buffer. After doing the trunk lid and seeing how easy it went on I decided to just do the entire car by hand. It only took about 1.5 hours to do a meticulous job on the entire car to include about 8" of rocker panel cover that only sees the road.

The polymer's ability to completely seal and fill the clear coat is amazing. You know the different feel you get comparing a windshield that has RainX on it to a windshield that does not have RainX applied? This is the same difference. I was amazed and very happy with the 'slickness' or smoothness this product produces. My lady friend touched it and was taken aback. Her next question was when I could get some on her Infiniti FX-35.

Most importantly guys, I didn’t even break a sweat applying, removing, or doing a last once over to insure the reflective quality was consistent all over the car.

I'm sold. Frankly I'm looking forward to finding out how much depth additional coats will produce. On top of all that the stuff smells like a drink you'd order on a tropical island.