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Removing above surface bonded contaminants and restoring a smooth surface to your paint finish is easily accomplished by using Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit. Our non-abrasive clay bar safely, easily and instantly removes bonded contaminants as you rub it across the surface of your car using a mist & wipe product, like Meguiar's Quik Detailer as a lubricant. Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit contains everything you need to create a smooth surface! Clay Kit includes: Two 80 gram clay bars, individually wrapped & in a moisture-seal case, Meguiar's Quik Detailer for use as a clay lubricant, Cleaner Wax sample & Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel.


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<![CDATA[Swissvax Leather Care Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/swissvax-leather-care-kit.html

The Swissvax Leather Care Kit is a functional and sophisticated kit that includes everything required to thoroughly clean, refresh and protect leather interior with ease. It may be used on all nappa leather interiors and provides professional results in minimum time only. It allows the effortless, thorough but gentle cleaning of leather followed by the care with long term protection helping the leather to maintain its natural moisture and preventing damage from UV radiation. The Leather Care Kit comes in a handy bag and includes everything required for detailing leather interior to factory new condition.

It also includes all items required for the perfect preparation of the leather for the application of the Swissvax Leather healer (Leather dye) and to seal and protect if afterwards.

Important note: Please do not use this product on Suede or Buffalo Leather.

Included in the kit:

  • Leather Cleaner Spray, 250 ml
  • Leather Milk. 250 ml
  • Elephant Leather Fat 15 ml
  • Wash Towel Pure Cotton (white)
  • Leather Brush


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<![CDATA[Meguiar's Ultimate Car Show Prep Kit (Show Special)]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/meguiars-ultimate-wash-and-shine-bucket-kit-show-special.html

Meguiar's Ultimate Car Show Prep Kit (Show Special)

Kit includes:

  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere - 26 oz., Item# G3626
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer - 22 oz., Item# G14422
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax - 16 oz. Item# G17516
  • Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel, X2020 (3 pack)
  • + FREE Meguiar's Detailing Tote Bag

Retail Value $49.99


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<![CDATA[Mothers PowerBall Mini MD]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/mothers-powerball-mini-md.html

Mothers PowerBall Mini MD (Metal Doctor) makes costly wheel repairs a thing of the past. It allows you to safely and easily remove tough scratches and stains from your polished aluminum and even stainless steel parts with speed and confidence. It comes with instructions, a handy 10 extension and enough 1000- and 2000-grit wet sandpaper to get you started.


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<![CDATA[Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/mothers-califoria-gold-clay-bar-system.html

You’ve heard about clay bars — professional detailers, body men and your car buddies all talk about how they work. Now use the clay bar everybody wants. Created to remove the particulate debris and contaminants that washing and polishing can’t, Mothers Clay Bar System will remove embedded grains of metal, tree sap, airborne environmental deposits and paint overspray. Better yet, our clay bar isn’t hazardous to your paint — it’s just firm enough to pick up the bad stuff, without being too aggressive. Use Mothers Clay Bar to get rid of paint fouling grime and pave the way for complete waxing.


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<![CDATA[Griot's Garage Starter Car Care Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/griots-garage-starter-car-care-kit.html
The Griot's Garage Starter Car Care Kit Is A Great Introduction To Superior Car Care. Griot's Garage combined the finest car care products for every perfectionist's needs into one money-saving kit. It's a collection of the car care products you'll need the most. Perfect to get any first-timer started, or an easy way for long-time customers to stock up on their favorite car care products. Start by cleaning the entire car and wheels with Car Wash and Wheel Cleaner. Now that the car is clean, remove impurities from the paint's surface by using the Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine. Next, protect and enhance your paint by applying Best of Show Wax. Finish up with Vinyl & Rubber Dressing for your tires, exterior trim and interior. There you have it: The quickest and easiest way to maintain your car's factory fresh finish. This great kit will keep your car looking new while maintaining your investment. Your car will look incredible, and caring for it will be simple and easy.
Kit Includes:
  • Car Wash, 16 Ounces
  • Wheel Cleaner, 35 Ounces
  • Paint Cleaning Clay, 8 Ounces
  • Speed Shine®, 35 Ounces
  • Best of Show Wax®, 16 Ounces
  • Vinyl and Rubber Dressing, 8 Ounces
  • Finest Sprayer
  • Foaming Finest Sprayer


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<![CDATA[Surf City Garage Black Edge Essentials Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/surf-city-garage-black-edge-essentials-kit.html

Surf City Garage Black Edge Essentials Kit

Kit Contains:

  • 8oz Black Edge Detailer Spray
  • 16oz Black Edge Wax
  • 8oz Black Edge Tire Gloss


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<![CDATA[Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Shine Bucket Kit (Show Special)]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/meguiar-s-ultimate-wash-and-shine-bucket-kit-show-special.html

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Shine Bucket Kit (Show Special)

Kit includes:

  • 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Wash Bucket, White
  • Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt, Item# X3002
  • Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel, Item# X2020 (3 pack)
  • Meguiar's Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, Item# X2000
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax - 48 oz., G17748
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Black Trim Sponges (2 pack), Item# G15800
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Black Tire Coating - 8 oz. aerosol, Item# G16008
  • Meguiar's Pure Clarity Glass Cleaner - 19 oz., Item# G8319
  • Meguiar's Quik Detailer Interior - 16 oz., Item# G13616

Retail Value $79.99


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<![CDATA[Adam's Basic Car Care Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/adams-basic-car-care-kit.html

Adam's Basic Car Care Kit is the ultimate way to experience the Adam's shine, ease of use, and overall ability to outshine the competition! Plus with the optional gift box this kit is a great way to give the gift of shine to the car lover in your life.

Whether it's a gift for you or your neighbor - the Adam's Basic Car Care Kit is the therapy you need for years of the wrong products. Our four cornerstone products, renowned Double Soft Microfiber towel, and accessories are guaranteed to make detailing your obsession. It's our goal to make each and every time you stand back to admire your car seem like love at first sight. This is the kit to do it!

Adam's Basic Car Care Kit Contents: (1) Adam's Car Wash Shampoo 16 oz, (1) Adam's  Detail Spray 16oz, (1) Adam's Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing 16 oz, (1) Adam's Buttery Car Wax 16 oz, (2) Adam's Single Soft Microfiber Towels, (1) Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicator ,   (1) Adam's YELLOW Hex-Grip Car Wax Applicator and Adam's Instructional Detailing DVD


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<![CDATA[Meguiar's DA PowerSystem Complete Polishing Kit for Drills (Show Special)]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/meguiar-s-da-powersystem-complete-polishing-kit-for-drills-show-special.html

Meguiar's DA PowerSystem Complete Polishing Kit for Drills (Show Special)

Kit includes:

  • Meguiar's DA Powersystem, Item# G3500
  • Meguiar's DA PowerPack Compound Kit, Item# G3501
  • Meguiar's DA PowerPack Polish Kit, Item# G3502
  • Meguiar's DA PowerPack Wax Kit, Item# G3503
  • + FREE Meguiar's Detailing Tote Bag

Retail Value $119.99


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<![CDATA[3M Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit, 08579]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/3m-leather-and-vinyl-repair-kit.html

3M Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit - Use the 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit to repair leather and vinyl tears, burns, and cuts.

Kit Contents:

(7) Heat Cure Repair Compounds "“ 7 colors, 1/8 fl oz (3.7 mL) each

(2) Vinyl Adhesives "“ 1/8 fl oz (3.7 mL) each

(3) Grain Paper Packet; 3 x 3 inch (7,62 x 7,62 cm)

(1) Backing Fabric; 3 x 3 inch (7,62 x 7,62 cm)

(1) Practice Vinyl; 3 x 3 inch (7,62 x 7,62 cm)

(1) Spatula

(1) Mixing Cup

(1) Heat Transfer Tool

Color Match Guide


Directions for Use


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<![CDATA[3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/3m-auto-essentials-car-care-kit.html

3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit - Great car science should be available to everyone. This 3M™ Auto Essentials Car Care Kit includes four essential products to keep your car looking great. Clean, condition and restore your interior the easy way.

Keeping your car clean should be simple. This kit comes with all you need to get the job done in four 16oz spray bottles.

  • 3M™ Auto Essentials All-Purpose Scrub removes bugs, grease and grime from paint, wheels, tires and interiors
  • 3M™ Auto Essentials Leather and Vinyl Restore cleans and conditions leather and vinyl like nothing else
  • 3M™ Auto Essentials Wax re-captures that just-waxed look and feel and delivers a high gloss shine, streak-free
  • 3M™ Auto Essentials Tire restores tires to a deep black, and protects exterior rubber and vinyl


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<![CDATA[EXCLUSIVE - Adam's Detail Travel Kit - 4 oz. bottles]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/exclusive-adam-s-detail-travel-kit-4-oz-bottles.html

EXCLUSIVE Detailing.com - Adam's Detail Travel Kit - 4 oz. bottles comes neatly in a box. Great as a starter kit for yourself or as a gift.

Kit Includes:

(1) Detail SprayUse Adam's Detail Spray on paint, glass, chrome, wheels, grills, and trim to safely clean and shine with just a mist and wipe. This product is so versatile

(1) Waterless WashAdvanced emulsifiers and special lubricants make Adam's Waterless Car Wash is a safe and effective way to remove light surface dust and dirt without harming your clear coat.

(1) Glass CleanerAdam's Glass Cleaner contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, including ammonia or alcohol, that damage your car or the environment

(1) VRT - Exterior Vinyl, Rubber and Trim dressing

(1) Car Shampoo - High volume suds, pH neutral shampoo

(1) Brilliant GlazeAdd amazing depth, shine, and a whole new dimension to your finish with our Adam's Brilliant Glaze.

(1) Foam Block - Apply trim dressing and Tire easily with this applicator

(1) Glass Towel 

(1) Microfiber Towel

(1) Drying Towel

Price:$41.99 Special Price:$29.00

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<![CDATA[Aero Travel Series 6-Pack w/ Bag (Finale, Shine, Away, Immaculate, View, Protect) - 16 oz each]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/aero-travel-series-6-pack-w-bag-finale-shine-away-immaculate-view-protect-16-oz-each.html

Aero Travel Series 6-Pack w/ Bag (Finale, Shine, Away, Immaculate, View, Protect) - 16 oz each. 


  • (1) PROTECT Tire & Vinyl Dressing (16oz)
  • (1) AWAY Tire & Engine Cleaner (16oz)
  • (1) VIEW Glass & Surface Cleaner (16oz)
  • (1) FINALE Final Wipe Down
  • (1) IMMACULATE Interior Cleaner (16oz)
  • (1) SHINE Dry-Wash and Speed Wax
  • (1) 16"x16" Plush Microfiber Gray with red trim
  • (2) 16"x16" White Microfiber Towels
  • (2) 16"x16" Black Microfiber Towels
  • (1) Travel bag


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<![CDATA[Swissvax Discovery Kit Opaque - for Matte Paints]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/swissvax-discovery-kit-opaque-for-matte-paints.html

Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matte paintwork and will most likely cause damage. The Swissvax Opaque product line has been specifically designed to care for this difficult paint finish whilst ensuring that the matte surface appearance is unaffected.

Please Note: Image for this item is for example only and is not accurate. Please rely on the product description.

Included in the kit:

  • Swissvax Opaque wax 50ml
  • Swissvax pre-cleaner Opaque 100ml
  • Swissvax Car Bath Opaque 100ml
  • Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque 250ml
  • Swissvax black applicator
  • Swissvax Micro Absorb microfibre towel (rose)
  • Swissvax Microfibre buffing cloth (blue)
  • The famous Swissvax Handbook
  • Swissvax carrying bag


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<![CDATA[Mothers PowerBall 4Paint]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/mothers-powerball-4paint.html Mothers PowerBall 4Paint makes short work of polishing and waxing large surfaces, contoured edges and difficult, hard-to-reach areas. Simply attach it to your drill, apply polish or wax, and give any painted finish that showroom quality shine, especially clearcoats. Hundreds of gentle foam fingers work efficiently to give you unmatched coverage with ease. For best results, we recommend you use it with your favorite Mothers products.


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<![CDATA[Surf City Garage The Works Detailing Essentials Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/surf-city-garage-the-works-detailing-essentials-kit.html

Surf City Garage The Works Detailing Essentials Kit is a great gift and so inexpensive that most people we know buy one for every single friend and family member who loves cars.

The Works is a completely new level of convenience for anyone who wants to take the best possible care of their car. The Works provides everything they need -- all in one convenient box.

The Works contains 4 Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade™ detailing products – the best that money can buy:

Speed Demon Wax Detailer
The fastest detail spray in town. Wax and detail your car in minutes.

  • Lifts the dust right off without scratching
  • Number 1 carnauba for longest-lasting shine
  • Use anytime in sun or shade

Clearly Better™ Glass Cleaner
The world's best glass cleaner. Period.

  • Never streaks even in the hottest sun
  • Safe for tinted windows and weatherstripping
  • Zero ammonia

Pacific Blue Wash & Wax
The only true high performance car wash on the market.

  • Blended with pure number1 carnauba
  • Prevents scratches
  • Super-concentrated

Dash Away Interior Detailer
The number 1 choice of professional detailers.

  • Never leaves a greasy film
  • Powerful UV protection
  • Safe for all surfaces


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<![CDATA[Aero Car Care Travel Kit (pack of 6 x 2.5 oz. bottles)]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/aero-car-care-travel-kit-pack-of-6-x-4-oz-bottles.html

Aero Car Care Travel Kit (pack of 6 x 2.5 oz. bottles) Aero has assembled 6 of our top selling travel size products into a handy companion bag. Our Mini 6 Pack traveler is perfect for that shine on the go. Traveler includes 6 of our top selling 2.5oz products, AERO embroidered carrying case and a high quality Pro Series 300 Microfiber towel. This way no matter where you are, you can detail your vehicle like a multi-million dollar aircraft.

Kit Includes:

  • View - Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Immaculate - Interior Cleaner
  • Away - Wheel & Engine Degreaser
  • Protect - Tire & Vinyl Ultra-Shine
  • Finale - Final Wipe Down
  • Shine - Dry Wash & Speed Wax
  • (1) Microfiber Towel (16"x16")
  • Travel Bag


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<![CDATA[Adam's Essentials Detail Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/adams-essentials-detail-kit.html

New cars are expensive, but you can retain more value while making your car look its best with Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit. Adam's third generation kit is a best seller, and now it's better than ever! It's easier to use and packed with premium car care products.

Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit makes car care fast and easy! That's because their best selling detailing kit includes the right tools to get the job done in five easy steps:

STEP 1: Wash and dry your car to remove loose dirt. Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad and Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo gently cleans the exterior of your car without scratching. You and your car will both love the experience, because Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo make tons of luxurious suds, it's easy on your skin, and it smells great.  You'll dry your car with an Adam's Great White Microfiber Drying Towel. It's the softest, most absorbent drying towel available.

STEP 2: Deep clean your car's paint with Adam's Detailing Clay Bar. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the fast, professional, and safe way to remove bonded contamination from your car's clear coat finish. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar cleans and smooths your car's paint, glass and chrome without harsh abrasives. Adam's Detailing Clay Bar is the right tool to use to remove paint overspray, factory fallout, brake dust, diesel soot, bonded bug remains, fine tree sap particles, insect droppings, iron deposits, and more. In fact, just about any fine particle that bonds to your car's paint can be safely removed with Adams Detailing Clay Bar.

STEP 3: Polish your paint with Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover Polish. It works great with the orange side of our Adam's Flip Pad 2-Sided Applicator to gently and safely remove minor swirl marks, haze, oxidation, and uneven tones from your paint. Adam's Swirl & Haze Remover Polish is the right way to start any paint correction and the high density, color matched foam pad makes it fast and easy!

STEP 4: Apply Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish. Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish is a non-corrective paint polish that's formulated to keep your car's paint in perfect condition without harsh abrasives. Use Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish to clean deep into your paint's microscopic pores, making your clear coat as clear as it can possibly be. At the same time, Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish's ultra fine polishes restore gloss and a deep hard shine. As it works, Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish wets the paint with essential oils, making your car's finish darker, rich and radiant.

STEP 5: Wax your car with Adam's Buttery Car Wax, the easiest car wax you'll ever use. At Adam's Polishes, we believe that simple is always better. That's why we made Adam's Buttery Car Wax so simple and easy to apply in the shade, sun, hot or cold. It really doesn't matter how or where your apply it, Adam's Buttery Car Wax is super easy, so you can enjoy waxing your car again. Made using a modern blend of polymers for strength and high grade Carnauba wax for beauty, Adam's Buttery Car Wax sacrifices nothing. When used with our revolutionary color coded Hex Grip Wax Applicator it'll be the best waxing you've ever experienced, Guaranteed!

STEP 6: Apply Adam's Super VRT (Vinyl, Rubber & Tire) Dressing to your car's tires, rubber and plastic trim. Adam's VRT is a safe, water based, cream formula containing modern polymers that coat and bond to all vinyl, plastic and rubber for premium protection and natural beauty. Adam's VRT makes all exterior trim and rubber surfaces look dark and rich, not wet and greasy.

To keep your car looking spotless between washes, use Adam's Detail Spray with a clean Adam's Single Soft Microfiber Towel. Just mist and wipe.

For best protection and car appearance, Adam's recommends the five step process each season as preventative maintenance and care.

Adam's Essentials Detail Kit Contents:

(1) Adam's Car Wash Bucket with Sealed, Spin-Off Lid

(1) Adam's Grit Guard Insert

(1) Adam's Great White Microfiber Drying Towel

(1) Adam's Professional Car Wash Pad

(1) Adam's Car Wash Shampoo 16 oz

(1) Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner 16oz

(1) Adam's Detail Spray 16oz

(1) Adam's Detailing Clay Bar 200 grams

(1) Adam's Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing 16oz)

(1) Adam's Swirl and Haze Remover 16oz

(1) Adam's Revive Fine Hand Polish 16 oz

(1) Adam's Buttery Wax 16 oz

(2) Adam's Single Soft Microfiber Towels

(1) Adam's Hex-Grip Tire Dressing Applicator

(1) Adam's Revive Hand Polish Blue Applicator

(1) Adam's Total Interior Detailer

(1) Adam's Buttery Wax Black Applicator


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<![CDATA[SM Arnold Wheel & Spot Detailing Polishing Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/polishing-kit.html

A special selection of Micro Pads and Accessories for the Professional or Do-It-Yourselfer. Specially designed for buffing or polishing in small, hard-to-get-at places. Use for small touch-up spots.


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Nanoskin AutoScrub Startup Kit, Medium Grade - 3 inch]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/nanoskin-autoscrub-startup-kit-medium-grade-3-inch.html

Nanoskin AutoScrub Startup Kit, Medium Grade - 3 inch

  • Lasts up to 4 times longer than clay bars
  • For a flawless “show room perfect” shine
  • Glides on & off easily for a slick finish
  • If inadvertently dropped on shop floor, simply rinse clean 

Kit includes:

  • 4 oz. NANO SHOCK Spray Lubricant Sealant x 1
  • 3" AUTOSCRUB Pad x 1
  • Hand Applicator x 1
  • Microfiber Towel 16” x 16” 280GSM x 1


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Meguiar's Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/meguiar-s-gold-class-wash-and-wax-kit.html

Meguiar's Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit - Superior Protection for Interior & Exterior.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Gold Class Car Wash 16oz
  • (1) Gold Class Premium Quick Wax 16oz
  • (1) Quick Interior Detailer Wipes (25 wipes)
  • (1) Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Zymol Complete Kit - w/ Carbon Wax]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/zymol-complete-kit-carbon-wax.html

Zymol Complete Kit (Carbon Wax)

Kit Includes:

  • Carbon Wax 8oz
  • Detail Wax 2oz
  • Clear Auto Bath 8.5oz
  • HD-Cleanse Pre-wax cleaner 8.5oz
  • Treat Leather Conditioner 8.5oz
  • Vinyl Conditioner 8.5oz
  • Wheel Cleaner Spray Gel 22oz
  • Field Glaze 8oz
  • 100% Horsehair wheel brush
  • Detail Brush
  • Pre-wax applicator (2)
  • Wax Applicators (2)
  • 100% Cotton Towel
  • Microwipe


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Surf City Garage Complete Detail Kit]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/surf-city-garage-complete-detail-kit.html

Surf City Garage Complete Detail Kit with Bucket.

Kit Includes:

  • 24oz Beyond Black Tire Pro Dressing
  • 24oz Beyond Glass Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • 24oz Beyond Steel Tire & Wheel Cleaner
  • 16oz Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax
  • 64oz Barrier Reef Wash & Wax
  • 24oz Dash Away Interior Detailer
  • 3 Pack Nano-Detail Polishing Cloths
  • Nano-Detail Washing Sponge
  • White Bucket with Surf City garage logo


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Zymol Smart Kit for Paint & Leather - w/ Carbon Wax]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/zymol-smart-kit-for-paint-leather-carbon-wax.html
The Zymol Smart Kit for Paint & Leather contains full-size containers of everything you need to give your vehicle a complete makeover. This Starter Kit was assembled by experienced professionals so you can be sure of getting all the products and tools necessary to achieve excellent results. 
Included in the Zymol Starter Kit is an 8.5 oz. bottle of Clear Auto Bathe, 8.5 oz. of HD-Cleanse Paintwork Cleaner, 8 oz. of Zymol Carbon Wax for your vehicle's light or dark finish, wax applicator, pre-wax applicator, towel, and 5 ounces of Treat Leather Conditioner. 
Kits make excellent gifts for car care enthusiasts or anyone, for that matter, who appreciates a well-maintained vehicle. Go on, treat yourself!


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Swissvax Entry Collection - Wax Sold Separately]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/swissvax-entry-collection.html

The Swissvax Entry Collection (wax sold separately) includes the basic Swissvax cure surface care products for your first 10 Swissvax high performance car care applications and comes in a handy cooler bag. You will definitely cause a sensation when you use these revolutionary products for the first time.

If you decide to reward your automobile with the Swissvax Entry Collection kit you will also need to select a SwissVax wax of your choice (sold separately) to compliment the kit.

Included in the kit:

  • SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid (pre-wax treatment) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Car Bath (wash concentrate) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Pneu (tyre protector) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Wax Applicator Pad
  • SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Applicator Pad
  • 2 Micro-Fluffy high pile microfiber cloths for Cleaner and Wax
  • The famous Swissvax handbook
  • SWISSVAX Cooler-Bag (illustrated in above picture)


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Swissvax Master Collection - Wax Sold Separately]]> http://www.detailing.com/store/swissvax-master-collection.html

The Master Collection is the ultimate in organization combining convenience and practicality. It represents all the rich know-how and the sense for perfection that Swissvax has achieved over three generations with its unique car care system. It allows you to achieve superb detailing results on the exterior, the interior and in the engine bay of your automobile by perfectly catering for the care and protection needs of paintwork, wheels, tires, leather seats, plastics, wood, vinyl, chrome, brass, nickel, glass, etc. and will enhance every detail of your automobile investment to award winning Concours standard and allow you to maintain your vehicle in factory or even better condition for years to come and thanks to the famous Swissvax handbook that explains the application of all products included you will even save time and effort!

If you decide to reward your automobile with the Master collection kit you will also need to select a SwissVax wax of your choice (sold separately) to compliment the kit.

The Swissvax Master Collection includes the basic Swissvax cure surface care products for your first 10 Swissvax high performance car care applications and comes in a handy cooler bag. You will definitely cause a sensation when you use these revolutionary products for the first time.

  • SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Regular (pre-wax treatment) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid medium (scratch remover) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Paint Rubber (clay bar)
  • SWISSVAX Quick Finish (quick detailing fluid) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Car Bath (wash concentrate) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Wheel (wheel cleaning concentrate) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Autobahn wheel wax with non-stick-PTFE 50 ml
  • SWISSVAX Detail, Wheel, Pneu and leather brushes
  • SWISSVAX Crystal (fabulous glass cleaner) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Pneu (tyre dressing) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Leather Cleaner 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Leather Milk 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Protecton (plastic restorer) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Metal Polish (chrome, aluminium) 50 ml
  • SWISSVAX Wood Polish 50 ml
  • SWISSVAX Mixing Bottle (spray bottle) 250 ml
  • SWISSVAX Wax Applicator Pad
  • SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Applicator Pad
  • SWISSVAX Waschpudel Washing Pad
  • 2 Micro-Fluffy high pile microfiber cloths for Cleaner and Wax
  • 1 White Terry towel for Leather Cleaner
  • SWISSVAX famous handbook
  • SWISSVAX Free Cooler-Bag with variable dividers (shown in above picture)


Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:16:08 +0000